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How can I move the perspective vanishing point from the center of the canvas?


I have a simple object that draws a 3d gizmo at 0, 0, 0. If the camera is centered on 0, 0, 0, then it draws the gizmo at the center of the screen.

enter image description here

I would like to "lift" this gizmo and render it at the bottom right of the screen in screen coordinates, without rotating it. Basically, I want the gizmo to show the rotation of the center of the screen without blocking the view and without having to focus on a specific point. So I want to do away with the model matrix, or something.

I got the following to work by translating the projection matrix:

enter image description here, false, modelMatrix);, false, viewMatrix);

const bottomRightMat = mat4.create();
mat4.translate(bottomRightMat, projectionMatrix, [5, -3, 0]);, false, bottomRightMat);, this.indexBuffer.getLength(),, 0);

But the gizmo has been rotated into its new position. The red line should still point down and to the left, since that's the direction of the positive X axis at the center of the screen. Also, the numbers 5 and 3 are arbitrary, and I don't think they would work at different zooms or camera locations.

Is there a way to specify a matrix transform that takes the center of the screen and translates it in screen space?


One way would be to change the viewport when rendering that object.

// size of area in bottom right
const miniWidth = 150;
const miniHeight = 100;
gl.viewport(gl.canvas.width - miniWidth, gl.canvas.height - miniHeight, miniWidth, miniHeight);

// now draw. you'll need to zoom in, like set the camera closer
// or move the object closer or add a scale matrix after the projection
// matrix as in projection * scale * view * ...

you'll need a projection matrix that matches the aspect ratio of the new viewport and you'll either need to scale the object, put the camera closer, or add a 2D scale between the projection and view matrices. Remember to put the viewport back to the full canvas to render the rest of the scene.

Another is to compute an off center frustum projection matrix. Instead of mat4.perspective use mat4.frustum

function perspectiveWithCenter(
    fieldOfView, width, height, near, far, centerX = 0, centerY = 0) {
  const aspect = width / height;

  // compute the top and bottom of the near plane of the view frustum
  const top = Math.tan(fieldOfView * 0.5) * near;
  const bottom = -top;

  // compute the left and right of the near plane of the view frustum
  const left = aspect * bottom;
  const right = aspect * top;

  // compute width and height of the near plane of the view frustum
  const nearWidth = right - left;
  const nearHeight = top - bottom;

  // convert the offset from canvas units to near plane units
  const offX = centerX * nearWidth / width;
  const offY = centerY * nearHeight / height;

  const m = mat4.create();
        left + offX,
        right + offX,
        bottom + offY,
        top + offY,
  return m;

So to draw your gizmo set call something like

  const gizmoCenterX = -gl.canvas.clientWidth  / 2 + 50;
  const gizmoCenterY =  gl.canvas.clientHeight / 2 - 50;
  const offsetProjection = perspectiveWithCenter(
      fov, gl.canvas.clientWidth, gl.canvas.clientHeight, zNear, zFar,
      gizmoCenterX, gizmoCenterY);

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